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25-Seven PDM

Program Delay Manager


25-Seven's PDM gives you up to 99 seconds of delay to keep offensive, libelous or profane speech off your airwaves. Ease of use, transparent audio quality and Program Director friendly features converge in PDM to take an old process to a new level. Program Directors have more on their plates today than ever before. There's no way anyone can monitor every broadcast hour of every day, but PDs need to be the first to know what happened when that “dump” button got pressed. With Program Delay Manager's exclusive PD-Alert™ feature, the air check is in the e-mail! Two time-stamped audio files capturing what took place both on air and off air get internally archived and e-mailed to the PD (or GM, or CE, or the legal team) every time questionable material is “dumped”. For stations serious about protecting their license, PDM provides an instant log record establishing your station's action and intent to keep the airwaves clean.

Updated PDM software includes fully synchronized PAD data, so everything stays properly timed regardless of chosen delays. And PDM’s browser controls let you view and control one or more PDMs from remote locations.

25-Seven has a well-deserved reputation for offering the industry's most transparent time compression and expansion algorithms. Easy to use front panel controls, GP I/O, RS232, and a web interface each let you Build (expand audio to build delay), Exit (compress audio to return to real time), Cough (reduce delay to quickly exit, sneeze, or talk to the producer) and of course, Dump objectionable material. PDM is the first program delay to provide IP Audio and control over Livewire™ audio networks (optional, call for details). PDM comes standard with 99 seconds of audio delay and two dump methods are provided. Dump audio through the standard “cut and rebuild” method or use PDM's Overkill™ feature to play a “fill” file. Overkill allows you to select a show-specific file from a list and play it over the dump buffer instead of collapsing the delay.

25-Seven PDM Features:
• Flawless expansion / compression. Smooth, crisp, stutter-free audio, even on stereo music. PDM never splices or alters pitch, just delivers clean audio every time.
• Faster builds and rebuilds at rates that can be adjusted in real time, so you can be more or less aggressive, depending on audio content.
• Build a delay through pre-rolling, time-expansion, or audio file play-out capabilities built right into PDM. Exit a delay through time compression, or use the Cough button to simply wait and exit.
• The built-in web server lets you change your settings, upload audio files and manage PDM's dump archives using simple browser screens over your LAN or WAN.
• Superior balanced analog I/O, with AES digital standard. 85dB s/n, response 25Hz-18kHz (+0/0.2dB), 0.02% THD+N, even during compression/expansion.

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