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Eventide BD960

Profanity Delay


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The Eventide BD960 broadcast audio delay offers easy, one-button obscenity control by delaying programming for up to eight seconds and substituting silence or pre-recorded audio for objectionable on-air content.

With one touch of the BD960's Delete button, an obscene caller or out-of control studio guest never reaches the air. The Delete function also closes a relay contact. With the use of a relay box, it can automatically start a six- (or three- or twelve-) second cart such as a short program promo, a station ID, a funny zapper or anything you want. When the delay period is over, your delay switches you back on the air with full delay protection restored.

The BD960 also boasts a built-in memory to store material to use to fill silences while the delay period is regained. Since the memory is non-volatile, you don't have to worry about losing it in a power failure, and since it's fully electronic, there is no loss of audio quality no matter how many times the material plays.

Eventide BD960 Features:
• One-button delete
• Full stereo
• 8 second, fully adjustable delay
• Autofill built-in filler playback
• Non-volatile digital memory
• Industry standard XLR-type I/O
• Compact 1-U design

Eventide BD960 Figure 1
• RS-232 serial interface

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