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Inovonics 732

Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder


Inovonics 732
Inovonics 732Inovonics 732
The 732 Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder takes RDS to new level adding greater functionality, and incorporating the latest RDS technology.

The 732 the provides all the tools broadcasters need to ensure an engaging and dynamic RDS presence. It connects with virtually any playout system, broadcasting song title, artist information, station ID's and much more to listener radios. With enhanced TR+ tagging with variable replacement capability.

The 732 is controlled in real-time via a dynamic Web interface or through a large front panel OLED display with easy to navigate menus. Email alarms for pilot loss and DPS/RT not updating. SNMP support. Firmware is remotely updatable via webserver.

Main Features:
• Separate RDS and MPX+RDS outputs for sidechain/loop through
• Assignable GPIO (2x in, 2x out)
• Built in webserver for control/monitoring of all parameters
• OLED display with easy to navigate menus
• Email Alarms for pilot loss and DPS/RT not updated. SNMP support.
• IP whitelisting for automation data ports
• UDP multicast support
• Firmware is remotely updateable via webserver

• PS (Program Service Name) An 8-character station ‘street name’ or 128-character scrolling message (song info, promos, advertising, etc.)
• PI (Program Identification) 732 automatically calculates PI codes for the US and Canada
• PTY (Program Type) Identifies your station’s format
• PTYN (Program Type Name) A further refinement of your type or style of programming
• TP / TA (Traffic Program / Traffic Announcement) A utility that calls attention to critical traffic or other emergency situations.
• Some RDS radios automatically retune to these announcements, even overriding CD or MP3 playback
• AF (Alternative Frequencies) Up to 25 frequency entries for rebroadcast ‘translators.’
• RT (RadioText) A 64-character block of plain-text messaging that can be called-up on the faceplate of some RDS radios. RadioText is separate from, and in addition to, scrolling-PS messages
• RT+ (RadioText Plus) An updated standard for song info display
• CT (Clock Time and Date) The 732 sends time to RDS radios. The feature is set and updated automatically with an Internet connection
• DI (Decoder Information) The mono/stereo data flag
• M/S (Music/Speech Switch) The mixed-music or speech-only data flag

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