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Inovonics RK-00

Rack Shelf for Up to 3 INOmini Series Modules 1U


Inovonics RK-00

Need more than 1 INOmini? Maybe 3? Inovonics Rack Pack, is your solution. Rack any 3 INOmini products (or 2 610 Internet Radio Monitors) and save! Contact BSW sales for more details!

Inovonics RK-00 Figure 1

Customize your rack. Inovonics´ custom 1U 19" rack accessory provides a professional mounting option for up to (3) of their 1/3-Rack size INOmini products or (2) Half-Rack size products, such as the Internet Radio Monitor or NOVIA Audio Processors. Made of steel and finished in black powder coat, RK-00 includes extra blanking panels as well as mounting screws and daisy chain power cables.

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