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Marti RPT2-2B

*Portable Transmitter, Dual Frequency


Designed for quick deployment, the RPT 2 portable transmitter is capable of up to 2.5 watts of RF output. Offering dual frequency capability, it features a microphone input and a high level unbalanced input (each with individual mixing gain controls), a sub audible 27 Hz built-in tone encoder as well as a built-in, broadcast-quality compressor/limiter.

Available in a wide range of band models for maximum flexibility, the RPT 2 can operate for up to 3 hours on its internal battery pack (also runs on available AC power) .

This product is frequency sensitive. Please provide frequency at time of order.

Main Features:
• Two frequencies selected by switch
• One microphone input and one high level unbalanced input
• Individual mixing gain controls
• Built-in compressor/limiter
• Built-in sub audible 27 Hz tone encoder
• 2.5 W maximum power output
• 50 Ohm RF output impedance
• SO-239 UHF Female RF connector
• 3.75"H x 8.75"W x 11"D; 7 lbs

Available Operating Frequencies:
• 150 MHz Band: Range from 135 to 185 MHz
• 215 MHz Band: Range from 200 to 260 MHz
• 300 MHz Band: Range from 280 to 340 MHz
• 415 MHz Band: Range from 400 to 430 MHz
• 450 MHz Band: Range from 430 to 480 MHz

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