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Marti SRPT30

*Frequency Synthesized RPU XMTR /UHF Or VHF Band


The new Marti SRPT-30 incorporates the proven new synthesizer and RF amplifier designs that have already been introduced in the SRPT-40A. In fact the features in the SRPT-30 are very similar to the SRPT-40A, but this unit is limited to two frequencies. The selected frequencies can be changed at the factory.

Features: 30 watts output power; front panel controls: input level, meter select switch, encode, execute, frequency select switch for F1 and F2, encode, power adjust pot, transmit/standby; metering - FWD power, reverse power, PA current, B+, audio compression; LEDs: transmit, AFC lock, high VSWR, and high temp; broadcast-quality compressor/limiter built-in; audio inputs: four balanced XLR mic inputs with gain controls (one switchable to line level).

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