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Middle Atlantic COMP-COOL-3

Quiet-Cool Series Component Fan - 3 Fans, 1 PS


Keep multiple-component systems cool with this daisy-chained set of three Comp-Cool fans.

Remove heat right at the source. Optimized for components on open shelving, these quiet coolers turn on automatically when satellite/cable boxes, receivers and other heater generating components get too hot. Place them directly on top of equipment vents.

If you have more than three components to cool, add Comp-Cool-E.

Main Features:
• Daisy-chained, low-profile component coolers, set of 3
• Extends equipment life: cools satellite/cable boxes, receivers and other hot-running equipment
• Removes heat from top vents of component
• Optimized for components on open shelving
• Quiet performance: 24 dB (from one meter)
• 8 CFM airflow (per fan)
• Low profile design fits between stacked components
• Fans activate automatically at 90°F, turn off at 88°F
• Single power supply: 7.5VDC @ 210mA

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