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Yamaha DM1000VCM

Digital 96 KHZ Mixing Console W/DAW Control


Untitled Document Yamaha DM1000VCM Figure 1Yamaha DM1000VCM Figure 2The Yamaha DM1000VCM expands on the acclaimed DM1000 Version 2 by adding a formidable array of state-of-the-art processing technologies that provide serious production power. They include impressive recreations of classic compression and EQ units from the 70's, simulations of several legendary analog open-reel tape decks, a complete suite of unmatched REV-X reverb effects, a top-shelf surround post-production package and even a selection of vintage stomp boxes to spice up your mixes. All of this is right at your fingertips, with no need to patch in external processors.
Yamaha DM1000VCM Figure 3
Packed into a slim rack-mountable body are 48 inputs, and a total of 18 mixing buses. You can use all available functions at 96 kHz such as EQ and delay included on all inputs and outputs. Equipped with the head amps descended from those of the DM2000 and 02R96 on its analog inputs, the Yamaha DM1000VCM offers an incredible sound and an overwhelming 110 dB dynamic range, thanks to its 24-bit AD/DA converter. The output section also offers plenty of versatility with 20 buses: 8 group buses, 8 auxiliary buses, and the main stereo bus. Group buses 1 through 8 also function as surround buses, and a Bus to Stereo function allows sound-reinforcement type sub-mixing as well as easy downmixing of 6.1, 5.1, or 3-1 surround to stereo. The 8 auxiliary buses can be used as surround effect sends, and there's a "Fix" function that automatically sets the auxiliary buses to nominal (0 dB) level, so they can be used as additional group buses.

Yamaha DM1000VCM Figure 4In the digital domain, the Yamaha DM1000VCM ships with the outstanding REV-X reverb algorithm introduced with the SPX2000, while VCM plug-ins like EQ, compressor, tape saturation and guitar effectors offer the warm sound of analog circuitry. This console offers outstanding performance in the production and live / sound reinforcement areas, letting you be as musical as you want without having to rely on vintage effects and outboard equipment.

If surround functions that support post-production and multi-channel broadcasting are what you need, the Yamaha DM1000VCM boasts compliance with the global THX pm3 standard for surround sound equipment. As well as offering you the ability to mix and monitor in 6.1 channel surround sound, this console boasts a Bass Management processor and a wealth of dedicated surround effects. The DM1000VCM also comes equipped with iSSP technology, making the creation of realistic sound fields a snap, providing exceptional performance for its range.

Featuring control functions for Digital Audio Workstations like NUENDO and CUBASE, and compatibility with Studio Manager Version 2 for both the Windows and Macintosh for seamless control of your audio systems, the Yamaha DM1000VCM is a compact, powerful console that gives you all the superior usability, expandability and flexibility you need in a digital mixer.

Internal processing 32bit (Accumulator=58bit)
Sampling frequency Internal 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
External Normal rate
44.1kHz(-10%) - 48kHz(+6%)
Double rate
88.2kHz(-10%) - 96kHz(+6%)
Total harmonic distortion *
Input gain=Min.
Less than 0.05%, 20Hz to 20kHz @+4dB into 600Ω
Less than 0.01%, 1kHz @+18dB into 600Ω
(@Sampling frequency=44.1/48kHz)
Less than 0.05%, 20Hz to 40kHz @+14dB into 600Ω
Less than 0.01%, 1kHz @+18dB into 600Ω
(@Sampling frequency=88.2/96kHz)
Frequency response CH INPUT to OMNI OUT
0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz - 20kHz @+4dB into 600Ω
(@Sampling frequency=44.1/48kHz)
0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz - 40kHz @+4dB into 600Ω
(@Sampling frequency=88.2/96kHz)
Dynamic range
(maximum level to noise level)
110dB typ, DA Converter (OMNI OUT)
106dB typ, AD+DA (to OMNI OUT)
Hum & noise level **
Input Gain=Max
Input Pad=0dB
Input Sensitivity=-60dB
-128dB Equivalent Input Noise
-86dB residual output noise, OMNI OUT STEREO OUT off
-86dB(90dB S/N), OMNI OUT STEREO fader at nominal level and all CH INPUT faders
-64dB(68dB S/N), OMNI OUT Master fader at nominal level and one CH INPUT fader
Input Gain=Min
80dB adjacent input channels (CH1-16)
80dB input to output
Power requirements Japan: AC100V 50/60Hz, 135W
North America: AC120V, 60Hz, 135W
Other Areas: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz, 135W
(W x H x D)
DM1000: 436 x 200 x 585 mm / 17.1 x 7.8 x 23.0 in
With MB and SP: 486 x 295 x 635 mm / 19.1 x 11.6 x 25.0 in
Weight DM1000: 20.0kg / 44.1lbs
With MB and SP: 23.6kg / 52.0lbs

Pictured meter bridge and wood side panels are optional/not included; see "accessories" at right to add them to your purchase.

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