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Marshall MXLR77

Large Body Ribbon Studio Microphone


The Marshall MXL R77 is a classic ribbon microphone that delivers pure, natural sound and stunning realism to vocal and instrument recordings. Powerful and versatile, the R77 incorporates a Figure 8 polar pattern for extended sweet spots as well as a 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon for smooth lows and natural highs. Manufactured with premium materials, the R77 performs beautifully on vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns and can handle the most demanding broadcast applications.

MXL R77 Features:
• Smooth transient response and stunning realism
• High SPL handles electric guitar, horns and percussion
• Classic body design with gold and chrome metal finish
• Figure 8 polar pattern for outstanding side rejection and precise directivity
• Includes R77 Ribbon Microphone, sturdy wooden case, desktop stand,
• 25-ft Mogami XLR cable, manual, application guide and cleaning cloth

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