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Royer R-121

Ribbon Mic, Large Element (2.5-micron), Nickel Finish


Designed by the legendary David Royer, the hand-built R-121 gives you all the benefits of a classic ribbon microphone, but in a lightweight, higher output and rugged package for modern recording versatility.

Sporting a 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon, and featuring a traditional figure-8 pattern with a warm, realistic tone and flat frequency response, it can handle the high SPLs (135 dB maximum) of today's audio applications with ease.

At distances of three feet and closer, the back of the R-121 records slightly brighter than the front side. This can be extremely useful when recording acoustic guitars, vocals, and other sound sources that require a slightly brighter response. It comes with a protective wood case and microphone sock.

Main Features:
• High SPL Capabilities
• No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
• Extremely low residual noise
• Ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity
• No high frequency phase distortion
• Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
• Consistent frequency response regardless of distance
• Mic clip included, but Royer highly recommends the optional AT84 shockmount to make the most of your microphone

• Acoustic Operating Principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient
• Polar Pattern: Figure-8
• Generating Element: 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon
• Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium
• Frequency Response: 30 -15,000 Hz +/- 3dB
• Sensitivity: -50 dBv Re. 1v/pa
• Output Impedance: 300 Ohms @ 1K (nominal)
• Rated Load Impedance: >1500 Ohms @ 300 Ohms
• Maximum SPL: >135dB @ 20 Hz
• Output Connector: Male XLR 3 pin (Pin 2 Hot)
• Dimensions: 58mm L, 25mm W (6.13" L, 1" W)
• Weight: 244g (8.6 oz)
• Finish: Dull Satin Nickel

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