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GatesAir Intraplex IX-LX-100-AC

IP Audio Multiplexer 1RU


The Intraplex NetXpress LX IP audio codec offers full-time, mission-critical audio transport for point-to-point applications (including STL delivery and studio-to-studio links) in a cost-efficient, compact package.

NetXpress LX offers a vast array of features for reliable IP audio transport, including low processing delay, adjustable packet size, programmable jitter buffer depth, advanced Intraplex forward error correction, Quality of Service priority tagging, unidirectional or bidirectional unicast streaming, and unidirectional multicast streaming. A variety of convenient provisioning and management tools enhance operational efficiency for radio broadcasters at both the studio and the transmitter site.

In addition to robust performance for fixed inter-facility applications, NetXpress LX is suitable as an "edge" device working together with the original NetXpress platform in large, multi-site networks. It is available in two sizes - a 3RU frame with capacity for up to 17 application modules and a compact 1RU frame that can hold five application modules. This is the 1RU model.

Intraplex NetXpress LX 1RU Features:
• CM-30 IP interface module; can convert existing T1/E1 systems to IP
• Compatible with Intraplex NetXpress systems
• Wide variety of audio, voice and data interface modules
• Transport of two contact closures in each direction
• Adjustable packet size
• Programmable jitter buffer depth
• Advanced Intraplex forward error correction
• Quality of Service (QoS) priority tagging
• Unidirectional or bidirectional unicast streaming
• Unidirectional multicast streaming
• Web browser user interface
• SNMP-controllable
• Current and previous software revision storage
• Network statistics monitoring
• Event logging
• Compact 1RU frame holds up to 5 application modules

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