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GatesAir Intraplex IX-NX-300-ACB

NetXpress System 200W


Intraplex NetXpress delivers IP audio transport over packet-switched networks to cover a wide range of real-time audio, voice, video and data applications. Offering system-level resiliency, sophisticated network monitoring and excellent bandwidth management, NetXpress delivers all the quality of Intraplex and all the economy of IP in one solution.

This version features a 200-watt universal AC power supply.

Intraplex NetXpress Features:
• Professional audio transport over 10/100Base-T networks: designed for professional applications such as contribution and distribution circuits, studio-to-studio, STL/TSL links, remote pickup, program and spot delivery, confidence monitoring of remote sites and emergency backup of program feeds
• Transport multiple services in one or more streams: accepts a variety of existing Intraplex plug-in modules for audio, voice, data and video transport; audio codec modules supported include linear uncompressed, Enhanced apt-X, MPEG, G.722 and J.41
• Smooth migration to packet-switched networks: allows for easy migration from dedicated circuits to IP-based networks by leveraging existing assets
• SynchroCast: increase coverage by building simulcast systems with NetXpress over T1/E1 or IP networks
• Built-in error correction: built-in forward error correction, packet delay jitter compensation, and low-delay packet processing provide high-quality, robust audio streaming (these features overcome anomalies commonly associated with packet networks)
• Improve costs globally by using existing communications infrastructures: widely deployed and established LAN/WAN connections offer lower cost and higher-bandwidth alternatives to dedicated full-time links
• Create, augment and manage multiple distribution networks: can accommodate up to 32 simultaneous streams, one-way or duplex, unicast or multicast; multiple program sharing and distribution across city, regional, national and continental boundaries is achieved through individually controlled and monitored streams; web browser interface and SNMP-based management allow for either centralized or decentralized control
• Simultaneous IP and T1/E1 operation: leverages the use of TDM and IP-based networks in primary and backup modes

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