GatesAir STL Package IX-HDL-MPX-PKG
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GatesAir STL Package IX-HDL-MPX-PKG

Digital Composite 950 STL Package


GatesAir STL Package IX-HDL-MPX-PKG
Bundle and save today! GatesAir combines HD Link and IP Link MPXp to get an industry first Digital Composite 950 STL. Package offer ends 12-31-17

Package Includes:
• One HD Link 950 IP Only 950MHz STL system
• Two IP Link 100MP MPXp codecs
• IP Link Stream Splicing
• IPConnect for HD Radio E2X Transport
• IP Link LiveLook analytics and monitoring software

HD Link 950 IP:
The Intraplex HD Link 950 MHz RF STL solution features RF power to spare, an integrated IP gateway for plug-and-play backhaul using any IP service, straightforward management of data and up to four channels of great audio.

The intuitive front panel and remote interfaces tap into the most complete feature set of any microwave STL, yet take less time to configure. Intraplex is radio broadcasting's first choice for rock-solid, full-time operation of T1 and IP audio and data links. With HD Link, you can count on the same dependable performance, superior support and long-term value for your microwave links.

Intraplex IX-HDL950-IP Features:
• HD Link STL system including Transmitter unit and Receiver unit, configured for IP and aux audio transport only
• Up to 5 Watts of RF power; 200, 300 or 500 KHz of RF bandwidth
• Low-Density Parity Check Coding (LDPC) advanced error correction
• Integrated IP channel for HD Radio
• Does not require external adapter for TCP return path
• Two prioritized Ethernet ports
• Each primary program channel includes asynchronous serial data channel
• One or two stereo primary program channels, individually configured for linear or Enhanced apt-X audio
• User-selectable 48, 44.1 or 32 kHz sample rates
• Two monaural, 7 kHz audio channels for SCA, EAS or other auxiliary audio
• Intuitive front-panel interface; advanced Web browser and SNMP remote management
• USB port for saving configurations and updating software
• Headphone jack on receiver for audio monitoring
• XLR AES/EBU digital and L/R analog input/output connectors
• Optional Main/Alternate Interface for redundancy switching
• User-configurable control input and alarm output contacts
• Analog level outputs for forward power and reflected power (on transmitter unit) and for received signal level and signal-to-noise (on receiver unit)

IP Link 100MP MPXp:
The Intraplex® IP Link MPXp transparently transports your FM MPX composite signal over IP networks. Now offering digital and analog MPX FM composite signal support as well as flexible sampling rates and sample sizes options. The IP Link MPXp codec optimizes IP network bandwidth utilization based on FM services being transported. IP Link MPXp codecs are suitable for use in IP based Studio to Transmitter Links (STLs) as well as distribution networks. Support for IP multicast and multiple unicast streams enables one encoder to feed multiple decoders. By incorporating three IP interfaces that can be used for streaming and management, the IP Link MPXp system can provide a level of reliability not seen in comparably-priced codecs. As the latest addition to the Intraplex family of audio and data transport products, the IP Link MPXp codec bring legendary Intraplex reliability to the IP codec market.

IP Link 100MP MPXp Features:
• Single bidirectional FM MPX composite signal supporting analog and digital MPX over AES with bridging between digital and analog domains
• Redundant input MPX signal ports with automatic failover based on signal activity
• Redundant output MPX signal ports
• Independent signal level setting for each input and output MPX signal port
• Flexible sampling rates and sample size options to tailor IP WAN bandwidth
• Two channels of SCA mixing
• Three independent IP interfaces for redundant network operation
• Optional redundant power supply: 12VDC or 48VDC
• VU meters to indicate input and output MPX signal levels
• GPS support for precision digital timing reference
• Decoding of L and R audio and RDS data from input or output MPX signal. Audio is output on XLR connectors and front headphone jack
• Built-in silence sensor with optional stream switch over
• Optional Dynamic Stream Splicing with time and network diversity provides “hitless” packet loss and network loss protection
• Prioritized stream sources at the output with automatic switch over and switch back between primary and secondary
• Programmable RTP level Forward Error Correction (FEC) scheme
• Programmable time diversity and interleaving of streams to combat burst packet losses
• Integrated with Intraplex IP Link Scheduler for automated scheduled program switching
• Integrated with Intraplex LiveLook (network analytics and monitoring software)
• N+1 redundancy with integrated control of external switching equipment
• SynchroCast™ option provides dynamically managed precision delay for Single Frequency Network (SFN) broadcasting and simulcasting
• Support for IP multicast and multiunicast
• Web browser user interface and SNMP network management
• Eight multipurpose contact closure inputs and outputs provide transport of logic signals with time-alignment to MPX signal, stream control and alarm notification.

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