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* CAT Link STL System #1


The CAT-LINK (Composite Audio Transmission Link) from QEI is a pure digital STL/TSL for T1 that provides real-time encoding/decoding with no compression techniques and no audible delays to fluster on-air talent. It can send composite and high quality discrete audio channels, and delivers flawless bidirectional transmission. Its output signal is compatible with T1 (DS-1) facilities, fiber optic transmission media, and T1 (DS-1) microwave using commercially available T1 subcarrier generators with a bandwidth as little as 1 MHz.

You can expand the CAT-LINK system with Q-MAX Stereo Input and Output Modules (sold separately), featuring 64-times oversampling inputs and outputs, a 16-bit A/D converter on the input module and an 18-bit D/A converter on the output module. Both modules boast self-calibrating DC-offset circuitry for maximum sound quality. D-MAX Input and Output Modules transport AES/EBU 16-bit digital audio from one location to another with no audio compression or transcoding effects.

Call BSW for configuration options!

Main Features:
• The first linear, non-compressed digital STL system for broadcast on DS-1
• The only system to transmit FM composite digitally on T1
• The only system available with real-time transmission, eliminating audible delays
• An expandable modular system
• Allows clear, clean, undistorted program material in any kind of weather
• Allows complete control of your audio from the studio

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