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Seamless 2-Channel System

The Moseley Starlink SL9003Q-2S features cutting-edge technology to deliver two channels of uncompromised, uncompressed 16-bit audio with a seamless connection without delay.

Long-Range Point-to-Multipoint Facility Control

With a range of up to 30 miles, the Moseley Lanlink HS 900D IP/LAN transmitter/receiver lets you take advantage of existing 950 MHz aural STL antenna infrastructures and bring LAN connectivity between a single studio and multiple transmitter/studio sites.

Multichannel Digital Audio Transporter

The Moseley Rincon 422 delivers four AES stereo audio channels over IP, TDM or Radio links and networks simultaneously while offering a wide choice of algorithms for flexible versatility.

Ultra-Reliable Transmitter

The Marti STL-20 composite STL transmitter will work with a receiver to form a high quality, frequency synthesized, radio communications link. It offers 20 watts of power, unexcelled composite stereo separation, low noise and low distortion.

Frequency-Agile STL System

This TFT 5200 Series analog transmitter/receiver pair features the latest technology in a budget-friendly package. Its rugged construction, frequency agility, and high performance make it ideal for complex or simple analog STL applications.

STL Wish Comes True

The Tieline Genie STL is a powerful and robust IP audio codec for point-to-point connections and studio-to-transmitter links, delivering superior quality IP audio over LANs, WANs, the Internet, satellite IP, 3G, 4G, Wi-MAX and Wi-Fi.

World-Class WorldCast Codec

The APT WorldCast Horizon NextGen IP audio codec delivers the audio quality and reliability you’d expect from a T1/E1 link using inexpensive public Internet connections such as ADSL, wireless 3G and 4G, LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi.

Field-Proven Transmitter/Receiver Package

The Armstrong Xlink microprocessor-controlled system is frequency agile with heightened sensitivity and impressive selectivity. Its virtually instant frequency changes make it an ideal main and back-up STL system.