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CircuitWerkes SILENCERII

*Audio Delay, Muted 50 MS


Like the original CircuitWerkes Silencer, the Silencer II takes its audio feed directly from your satellite receiver, phone system or other source. Its adjustable, balanced, audio output feeds program audio to your console, switcher or paging system input. All audio is delayed by 60ms (or about 1/20th of a second). The control tones are automatically muted from the audio path before they can exit from the delay. The Silencer II uses new technology to deliver a clean 7.5kHz bandwidth.

The Silencer II's enclosure is all metal and is desk or wall mountable. An optional rack mount adaptor kit allows it to be mounted in standard 19" racks.

CircuitWerkes Silencer II Features:
• High-impedance, balanced bridging input accepts a wide variety of input levels
• Active, balanced audio output easily drives 600-Ohm loads
• Wide frequency response of 7.5 kHz makes the Silencer II useful for satellite and RPU work as well as telephone and paging system muting
• All ICs socketed
• Power supply included
• High quality metal enclosure
• Two-year limited warranty

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