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BSW ATH-BSW Headphone 5 Pack

BSW Headphone 5-Pack

BSW's famous headphone 5-pack is back and better than ever! Working with industry giant Audio-Technica, we've designed a quality closed-back dynamic headphone offering great sound and a comfortable fit. You get five of these babies for just $109.99.

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Inovonics 732

RDS Encoder Deal

Get a $350 instant rebate on the Inovonics 732 Dynamic RDS Encoder. Offering everything you need for an engaging RDS presence, it boasts a built-in web server and a large front panel OLED display with easy to navigate menus. Use promo code 732 at checkout.

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Tieline Bridge-IT Pro

Cool Codec Special

Get a $170 instant rebate on the Tieline Bridge-IT stereo IP audio codec. This high-performance unit easily and reliably transports uncompressed and compressed audio streams over a wide range of IP data networks. Use promo code GOLDENGATE at checkout.

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Audio Technica BPHS2 Stereo Broadcast Headset

Hot Broadcast Headset

Audio-Technica's BPHS2 closed-ear, low profile headset is specially designed for news and sports broadcasting, offering crystal-clear vocal reproduction, excellent sound isolation and a comfortable fit. For a nice surprise, use promo code HS2 at checkout.

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Comrex OPAL

Great Guest Audio

With the Comrex OPAL IP audio gateway, guests can connect to your studio by simply clicking a link. All they need to easily transmit HD quality audio is a microphone and a common web browser. Contact a friendly BSW sales rep for your special price.

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MaxxKonnect Wireless

High-Speed Internet for Radio

MaxxKonnect Wireless offers single carrier, prioritized high-speed internet service designed for remote broadcasts and transmitter sites. You'll enjoy rock-solid connectivity in heavily congested environments such as sports stadiums and major events.

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Connect with BSW

StudioHub may have gone away but we know your adapter needs haven't. Our new high quality, budget-stretching BSW-CONNECT broadcast adapter cables are the perfect replacement for the more expensive offerings from other manufacturers.

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Trilithic EASYCAP-B3030

Stay Alert

Take advantage of exclusive pricing on Trilithic’s EASyCAP encoder/decoder, an integrated solution for EAS and CAP boasting three onboard radios (FM, AM, NOAA) to deliver a wealth of audio and video alerts. For a limited time, it's just $1,719.

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