The right audio processing will define your station's sound, making it stand out from all the others. BSW carries processors from top manufacturers for every radio broadcast need.

On Air Processors - Dial in your signature sound. HD, FM or AM, BSW has you covered.
Profanity Delays - No need to live dangerously. Delay your signal and keep unwanted profanity off the air.
Voice Processors - Control your microphone's sound with these preamp/processors.

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Inovonics David IV FM HD Audio Processor
FM/HD Audio Processor

Click here to download the new V.3 David IV firmware update! Get the new added features you have been asking for! The Inovonics 719 DAVID-IV offers comprehensive audio processing, including [...]

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Wheatstone FM-25
On Air Multiband FM Processor

Wheatstone introduced at this week’s NAB show a new multi-band audio processor ideal for LPFM or other FM stations requiring basic spectral audio shaping and peak limiting control. The new [...]

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