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The computer has revolutionized the recording world, giving pro studios more tools to satisfy their clients while helping the most humble home studio get professional results. Our wide selection of computer audio gear probably has just what you need to take your recording to higher levels.

Software and Plug-ins - Everything you need for processing, editing, restoring and distributing audio.
USB Interfaces - Handy interfaces with USB for recording and routing audio.
PCI Audio Interfaces - Sound cards, tuner adapters and more.
Control Surfaces - Hands-on, mouse-less software control, MIDI control, automation control and DJ tools.
FireWire Interfaces - You'll get great results with the low latency and blazing speed of FireWire.
Converters - Tools for smooth A/D D/A conversion.
Pro Tools - The acclaimed audio software and complementary interfaces.
Hard Drives and Storage - Ultra-reliable drives from the top manufacturers.
Instructional Materials - Tips and tricks of the pros.
Accessories - Cable assemblies, breakout boxes and more.

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