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Besides all its other uses, the computer is an incredible tool for working with audio. If you need anything dealing with computer audio, let your digits do the walking through this department.

Software and Plug-ins - A wide assortment for processing, editing, restoring and distributing audio.
USB Interfaces - Handy USB interfaces for recording and routing audio.
PCI Audio Interfaces - Sound cards, tuner adapters and more.
Control Surfaces - Hands-on, mouse-less software control, MIDI control, automation control and DJ tools.
FireWire Interfaces - Take advantage of the low latency and blazing speed of FireWire.
Thunderbolt Interfaces - Incredibly fast Thunderbolt technology gives you virtually zero latency.
Converters - Tools for smooth A/D D/A conversion.
Pro Tools - The acclaimed audio software and complementary interfaces.
Hard Drives and Storage - We've taken the “hard” out of hard drive selection.
Instructional Materials - Tips and tricks of the pros.
Accessories - Cable assemblies, breakout boxes and more.

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Henry Engineering USB Matchbox-II
Bi-Directional Interface Amplifier w/ USB

The Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II is a professional USB-to-XLR multi-mode stereo audio codec offering superb audio performance with the ease of USB connectivity. Ideal for any situation where [...]

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