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Eliminate impedance incompatibility between pieces of equipment, convert unbalanced audio to balanced (and vice versa), send multiple signals to a single destination and connect everything in your studio with our wide selection of interfaces and routers.

Studio Interconnect - Adapters, cable kits, guest panels, hubs and more.
Switchers and Routers - Get your signals just where you want them with this assortment of gear.
Switcher and Router Accessories - Automation interfaces, rack mounts and more.
Matching Amplifiers - Match signals effortlessly with these units.
Matching Amplifier Accessories - Converters, combiners, line level shifters and more.
Hum Reduction - Eliminate that annoying humming and buzzing.
Satellite - Connection converters for satellite receivers.
Routers - Dependable signal switching/routing.
Isolation Transformers - Top-notch electrical isolation to get rid of signal interference.

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Rode I-XLR
Digital XLR interface for iOS

Take advantage of the studio in your pocket, with the RØDE i-XLR Adaptor. Connecting an XLR microphone to a lightning adaptor so you can record RØDE’s signature crystal clear audio onto your [...]

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