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In this department, you should find everything you need to get the most out of your microphone. If for some reason you don't find it, give us a call!

Windscreens - Don't let your broadcast be gone with the wind.
Miscellaneous Accessories - Cleaners, mutes, attenuators, thread adapters, grilles and more.
Microphone Booms Extend yourself with a high quality mic boom.
Microphone Stands - Desktop, standup, you name it.
Shock Mounts - Keep handling noise from getting in the way.
Clips - Keep your mic right where you want it.
Pop Filters - Keep that annoying P-Popping at bay.
Microphone Cases - Protect your mic investment.
Goosenecks - Flexibility is a virtue.
Splitters And Combiners - Send your signal where you need it to go.
Phantom Power Supplies - Coddle your condenser.

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Avalon Design VT737SP
High Performance Mic Processor

The Avalon VT-737SP is an amazing preamp/channel strip with a combination of tube preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering, all in a 2U space. This is the choice [...]

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Avalon Design U5
Mono Preamp, Instrument DI Class A w/EQ

Get the ultimate tone for bass or other DI applications with this high-power preamp from Avalon. The U5 high-voltage DI-preamp combines a unique passive tone selector with a variable gain preamp and [...]

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