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BSW carries a full range of amplifiers for all your applications. Browse our selection or give us a call to find the right amp fit for you.

Distribution Amplifiers - Amplifiers designed to take single or multiple input signals and provide these same signals to multiple isolated outputs.
Headphone Amplifiers - Audio amplifiers designed to drive headphones instead of loudspeakers, often allowing control of more than one set of headphones from a singe audio source.
Power Amplifiers - Audio amplifiers that increase input signal for use with unpowered speakers.

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Angry Audio Distribution Gadget
2x4 stereo or 1x8 monaural distribution amplifier

Need to feed a stack of stuff from a single source? You could try the daisy-chain, but you may end up with a ground loop, signal degradation or worse. What you really need to get a signal to multiple [...]

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Angry Audio Guest Gizmo
Cough button, headphone amplifier, mic tally driver

Studio guests are only human. And humans cough. They cough and clear their throats and sniff and snort. Not the most pleasant experience for your listeners. If you tell your guests to turn their [...]

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