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BSW carries a full range of amplifiers for all your applications. Browse our selection or give us a call to find the right amp fit for you.

Distribution Amplifiers - Amplifiers designed to take single or multiple input signals and provide these same signals to multiple isolated outputs.
Headphone Amplifiers - Audio amplifiers designed to drive headphones instead of loudspeakers, often allowing control of more than one set of headphones from a singe audio source.
Power Amplifiers - Audio amplifiers that increase input signal for use with unpowered speakers.

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Denon DN-200AZB
Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver

Denon Professional's Solution Series is designed to be the best friend of audio contractors. It's specialty is solving audio challenges easily and inexpensively by getting signal to someplace that [...]

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Denon DN-470A
4-Channel Amplifier 120W/Channel 70V/100V

The DN-470A 4-Channel 70V/100V Amplifier is designed for contractor/install applications, and only for installed speaker systems requiring 70V/100V inputs. This very versatile, one rack space, 120W [...]

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Denon DN-474A
2x2-Channel Dual-Impedance Amplifier 70V/100V & 4Ohm / 8Ohm

The DN-474A 2x2-Channel Dual-Impedance Amplifier is designed for contractor/install market applications which specify installed speaker systems requiring 70V/100V inputs, and has the added [...]

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