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Site Control Systems

Remotely monitor, control and manage your site with this broad range of reliable gear. If you're not sure what's right for you, our trained staff is always ready to help.

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Broadcast Tools WVRC8 Plus
Web Enabled, Dial-up Eight Channel Site Remote Control System

The Broadcast Tools WVRC-8 Plus provides a cost-effective, one rack-unit solution allowing dial-up recordable voice response and web-enabled control and monitoring via a web browser and/or smart [...]

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Control Silver Site Management and Monitoring
(Power Supply not Included)

The AUDEMAT CONTROL Silver is a remote control and data acquisition system designed to allow local and remote monitoring and control of all types of equipment. In one compact box, it delivers all [...]

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Burk Technology PlusConnect Nautel V
ARC Plus Transmitter Interface

By combining the power of the ARC Plus with the convenience of a direct link to the transmitter, the Burk PlusConnect allows management of the entire transmission plant, studio and IT infrastructure [...]

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