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Just as every voice is unique, so is every microphone. Whether your gig is stage, screen, presentation or lecture, BSW has the right mic for you.

Wireless Microphone Systems - Live sound and cable-free wireless is a great combination.
Condenser Microphones - Sensitive, natural-sounding condenser mics aren't just for the studio.
Dynamic Microphones - Rugged, reliable, great sounding mics..
Instrument Microphones - Get a great amp sound without having to crank it, or keep acoustic instruments in the mix.
Headworn Microphones - Take full advantage of your wireless system with these inconspicuous mics.
Lavalier (Lapel) Microphones - These are great for the theatre and presentations.
Special Application Microphones - Boundary mics, smartphone/tablet mics, weather-proof mics and more.
Podium Microphones - Keep odium far from your podium with these great-sounding, crowd-pleasing mics.
Phantom Power Supplies - Power up your condenser mics quickly and easily.

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