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With our wide assortment recording microphones as well as essential accessories, BSW is bound to have what you're looking for.

Condenser Microphones - For highly sensitive sound capture, it's hard to top a condenser mic.
Dynamic Microphones - Rugged, reliable, great sounding mics.
Instrument Microphones - For amps, drums, horns, winds, pianos and more.
Shotgun Microphones - Highly directional mics that are perfect for fieldwork, soundstages and other applications.
USB Microphones - Ideal for computer recording as well as podcasting.
Special Application Microphones - Boundary mics, camera mics and more.
Ribbon Microphones - These mics have a sound all their own.
Stereo Microphones - Double your recording fun.
Phantom Power Supplies - Power up your condenser mics quickly and easily.

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