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With our wide assortment of wired and wireless microphones, as well as essential accessories, BSW is your virtual mic locker.

Condenser Microphones - For highly sensitive sound capture, it's hard to top a condenser mic.
Dynamic Microphones - Rugged, reliable, great sounding mics.
Shotgun Microphones - Highly directional mics that are perfect for fieldwork, interviews and more.
Wireless Microphone Systems - Kiss cable clutter goodbye and embrace the freedom of wireless technology.
Phantom Power Supplies - Power up your condenser mics quickly and easily.

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Neumann M149TUBE
9 Pattern Tube Mic with Accessories, Nickel

With this amazing Neumann tube mic as the front end of your signal chain, you'll be capturing sounds with new levels of realism and warmth. The M 149 Tube is a variable dual-diaphragm microphone. The [...]

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