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Studio Monitors - Powered

With their built-in amplification, these monitors save you some rack space while delivering crisp, clean sound. Browse our wide selection here or give us a call to find the perfect powered monitor for you.

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Adam A8X
Nearfield Monitor 2-way, 8.5" Woofer - Each

The ADAM A8X is suitable for both nearfield and midfield monitoring and features the new X-ART tweeter that delivers a frequency response all the way up to 50kHz plus high efficiency and high maximum [...]

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks

JBL 705P
5in Bi-Amplified Master Reference Monitor - Each

The JBL 705P is the self-powered reference monitor for critical music recording, film post and broadcast production applications. The JBL 705P leverages the same patent-pending driver technologies [...]

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