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Simply send broadcast quality audio over IP with these cutting edge devices. Speaking of simple, we've got a wide range of top brands to choose from.

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BSW Comrex BRIC-LINK2 Package
2 - BRIC-LINK2 with Dual Rack mount Kits and blank panels

Complete STL/Codec Solution from BSW and Comrex! Bundle with BSW, and save! BRIC-LINK 2 Package includes: • 2 - BRIC-LINK2's • 2 - Middle Atlantic UTR1 Universal Rack Shelves • 2 - [...]

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1U stereo IP Audio codec with 2x I/O channels among 2x mono analog

IQOYA X/LINK-ST is a 1U rack IP audio codec designed for the delivery of a stereo source (or two mono sources) over IP networks for STL and SSL links, but also DVB audio and WEB radio. It can be [...]

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GatesAir IX-IPL-200
Intraplex IP audio codec

Offering an array of audio coding options, the IP Link codecs are suitable for use in Studio to Transmitter Links (STLs) as well as audio contribution and distribution networks. Support for IP [...]

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