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Simply send broadcast quality audio over IP with these cutting edge devices. Speaking of simple, we've got a wide range of top brands to choose from.

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Tieline Genie
Genie STL Stereo IP Audio Codec

The Tieline Genie STL is a powerful and robust IP audio codec for point-to-point connections and studio-to-transmitter links. Genie STL delivers superior quality IP audio over LANs, WANs, the [...]

Due to Manufacturer Delay's Genie is Backordered until November 2017


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Telos Xstream ISDN Codec
Zephyr XSTREAM with ISDN and Ethernet (2001-00076)

The Telos Zephyr Xstream rackmount transceiver is specially designed to work with a single ISDN line or other low-bitrate transmission paths, including IP networks, so it's an ideal choice for [...]

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks


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Not available for sale on the Web

Tieline VIA Portable Codec
Portable Codec with USB/Wi-Fi & Hardcase

It’s time to reimagine remote broadcasting with the definitive remote codec of our generation. Tieline’s revolutionary new ViA portable codec sets a new standard in wireless remote [...]

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