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Simply send broadcast quality audio over IP with these cutting edge devices. Speaking of simple, we've got a wide range of top brands to choose from.

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Digigram PYKO-OUT
IP Audio Decoder

When distributing digital audio over a shared IP network, the Digigram PYKO-IN MP3 audio encoder and PYKO-OUT MP3 audio decoder offer professional IP solutions for a large variety of applications, [...]

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Barix Streamer DR-05X Bundle
Barix Instreamer, Exstreamer100 with Tascam DR-05X Digital Recorder

Another exclusive BSW deal! Barix Instreamer, Exstreamer 100 and Tascam DR-05X Handheld Digital Recorder for an amazing low bundle price! A little something for the studio, and a little [...]

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Cloud Codec Controller License - Annual Subscription Required

The Cloud Codec Controller lets you manage an entire fleet of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT users in real-time from the studio, even when connected to cellular and Wi-Fi networks! Tieline’s [...]

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