We can neither confirm nor deny reports that we have the largest selection of RF gear on the planet. But if you're looking for that essential piece of equipment, browse this department or give us a call.

Wattmeters - A wide assortment of wattmeters and accessories.
Monitoring - Monitor off-air, temperature, voltage, power, noise and more.
Transfer Switches and Panels - Coaxial switchers, patch panels and other essential gear.
Tuners and Receivers - AM, FM, HD, multi-station and then some.
Modulation Monitors - Don't let the FCC freak at your peaks.
Loads - Stay on top of your transmitter testing.
RDS - Give your listeners more than they bargained for with RDS and RBDS encoders.
Tower Beacons and Flashers - Durable, reliable and affordable. And that's no bull.
Dehydrators and Accessories - For high performing transmission lines, these dehydrators are to dry for.
RPU Transmitters and Receivers - Powerful tools for remote broadcasting.
SCA - Need to monitor SCA broadcasts? Look no further.
Antenna Accessories - Comprehensive tower light monitoring.

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Marti STL20M
Mono Frequency Synthesized STL Transmitter

For mono operations or for non-composite stereo applications, choose the Marti STL20M. Separate right and left units can be linked for stereo operation with greater interference rejection, superior [...]

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Tunwall Radio TRC-1
Single Switch Controller

The Tunwall Radio TRC-1 controller is an FM or AM non-directional controller. It is designed for one coaxial switch or 120V AM contactor, two transmitters, one antenna and a dummy load. The key [...]

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Inovonics 720 220V Dynamic RDS Encoder
RDS / RBDS Radio Data Encoder 220 Volt

This RDS/RBDS encoder offers multiple message-scrolling modes and easy, self-guided connection to station automation. The 720 dynamic RadioData encoder automatically parses and scrolls song title [...]

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Belar RFA2
*AM RF Amplifier, Fixed Frequency

For more than 30 years Belar has been making precision modulation monitoring products and established a reputation that makes their name synonymous with reliability. Belar makes a model and options [...]

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DEVA Broadcast RDS-SG6
SmartGen 6.0 - Professional Dynamic RDS/RBDS Encoder

Based on the latest RDS technology, SmartGen 6 guarantees fully digital synthesis of the RDS signal, with excellent quality and spectral purity. This advanced device is a cost-effective solution for [...]

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