We can neither confirm nor deny reports that we have the largest selection of RF gear on the planet. But if you're looking for that essential piece of equipment, browse this department or give us a call.

Wattmeters - A wide assortment of wattmeters and accessories.
Monitoring - Monitor off-air, temperature, voltage, power, noise and more.
Transfer Switches and Panels - Coaxial switchers, patch panels and other essential gear.
Tuners and Receivers - AM, FM, HD, multi-station and then some.
Modulation Monitors - Don't let the FCC freak at your peaks.
Loads - Stay on top of your transmitter testing.
RDS - Give your listeners more than they bargained for with RDS and RBDS encoders.
Tower Beacons and Flashers - Durable, reliable and affordable. And that's no bull.
Dehydrators and Accessories - For high performing transmission lines, these dehydrators are to dry for.
RPU Transmitters and Receivers - Powerful tools for remote broadcasting.
SCA - Need to monitor SCA broadcasts? Look no further.
Antenna Accessories - Comprehensive tower light monitoring.

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MCI Broadcast 61304
*3 Port Coax Transfer Switch 3 1/8 EIA

61304: Three Port Coaxial Transfer Switch with 3 1/8 EIA Male Connector MCI Coaxial Transfer Switches are designed primarily for application in TV, AM, FM, UHF and other broadcast related areas. As [...]

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Quick Patch Panel 4 Port 1-5/8"

CP245-EIA Model 1 5/8 inch 50 Ohm 4 port Flanged Patch Panel

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Belar FMCS-1L
All-in-One FM Modulation Monitor - Lite (Remote Management)

The Belar FMCS-1L provides a complete solution for the Analog portions of the FM signal. The unit combines the features and functions of an RF amplifier, FM demod, stereo demod, RDS decoder, SCA [...]

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