In our ever-expanding world, there are always new sounds to capture and to share. Lucky for us, there are plenty of new high tech recorders and players to do it with. And we've made sure to carry the widest selection possible to handle pretty much every application out there.

Portable Digital Recorders - Amazing recording power that fits in your hand.
CD Players and Recorders - Feature-rich with great sound and flexibility.
Digital Multitrack Recorders - Get professional results with ease .
Flash Recorders and Players - Reliable, rock-solid performers.
Other Recorders - Ethernet audio player/recorders, sound file players and more.
Logging Recorders and Software - Say goodbye to logjams with this gear.
DVD Recorders and Players - Pro performance from the best names in the business.
Cassette Players - We haven't forgotten cassettes and you probably haven't either.
MiniDisc Recorders and Players - Sometimes all you need is a MiniDisc.

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Roland R-88
8 Channel Portable field recorder & mixer

Seamless integration of recording, mixing and an audiointerface - a new dimension in professional portable recording. The Roland R-88 establishes a new standard in professional portable recording [...]

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Tascam RC-HS20PD
Remote Control for HS-8 and HS-2

The TASCAM RC-HS20PD controls TASCAM's HS-8 and HS-2 solid-state recorders. It offers flash start with dedicated, illuminated buttons and further control through a color TFT touch screen interface. [...]

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24-track Recorder

The JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER (BBR1) captures live sound onto a regular USB2 disk in industry standard BWAV files for immediate use in your Digital Audio Workstation. It provides 24 tracks of audio [...]

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