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Signal Processing

Getting a good, strong signal is job one, but what you do with that signal next can make a world of difference for your sound. You'll find a wide range of gear to spruce up your signals right here.

Compressors and Limiters - Level your peaks and valleys and make sure things never get too loud.
Effect Units - The best way to give life to your sound is to add some effects.
Equalizers - Fine tune your lows, highs and mids with these units.
Crossovers - Get the right frequencies to the right drivers.
Channel Strips - The basic ones have a preamp, others let you add compression, effects and more.
Exciters and Enhancers - These handy units let you quickly give your sound more presence and gusto.
Synchronizers - Make sure all your signals are in time together.
Feedback Reduction - Keep feedback at bay.

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