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Is your site up to snuff? BSW carries everything you need for effective transmitter site control.

Site Control Systems - A wide range of tools to remotely monitor and maintain your site.
Site Control Accessories - Surge suppressors, temperature sensors, control software and more.
DTMF - Site control gear for your DTMF phone.
Silence Sensors - Catch dead air and keep your listeners lively.

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Burk Technology Plus-X 600
16 Status, 8 Metering, 12 Relay Interface

The Plus-X 600 is designed to be a versatile I/O solution, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its 1RU form factor allows maximum functionality in minimal space, with a cost effective [...]

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DEVA Broadcast DB8000
Silence Monitor with MP3 and IP Audio Backup Players

The best device to fight the dreaded dead air problem is the DB8000 by Deva Broadcast Ltd. It is designed and built to be simple, flexible, reliable and easy for integration with the existing setups: [...]

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