The telephone has grown from its humble beginnings to become an essential broadcasting tool. Get the most out of it with our wide range of codecs, hybrids, talkshow systems and more.

Codecs - A big batch of audio codecs for remote broadcasting, studio to studio or studio to transmitter links (STL).
Codec Accessories - Licenses, modules, carrying cases, cables and more.
Talkshow Systems and Components - Produced by the top dogs in the industry, this gear always earns high ratings.
Hybrids - Phone hybrids boasting the latest technology to deliver consistently superior audio.
Cellular Interfaces - Get your cell phone off its apps and put it to work with these handy interfaces.
Couplers - Quickly and easily connect an audio source to your phone.
Automated Announcers - These devices will always keep you in the loop.
Telephone Mixers - Get the most from your phone audio.

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Broadcast Tools STI-II
Smart Telephone Interface

The new Broadcast Tools STI II is the perfect solution for interfacing a single POTS line to user equipment while the hybrid provides excellent full-duplex audio quality. The STI II is equipped with [...]

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Broadcast Tools TT1-PLUS
Tiny Tools Telephone Hybrid Monitor

The Broadcast Tools TT-1 Plus is more than just an ordinary telephone line coupler. The TT-1 is compact telephone line powered auto-answer and auto-disconnect hybrid/coupler. The TT-1 Plus utilizes [...]

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