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With a selection that's second to none, BSW is your one-stop cable and connector shop. 

Studio Cables - A wide range of cables for every studio application.
Microphone Cables - The mics get all the glory, but they'd just be hunks of metal without their devoted cables.
Speaker Cables - If your speakers need cable, you'll find it here.
Multi-Channel Cables - Efficiently handle your multi-channel devices with these high quality cables.
Adaptors - You'll always stay connected if you have the right adaptor.
Accessories - Cable management devices and more.
Connectors - A wealth of connectors including money-saving 10-packs.
Y Cables - Easily connect one I/O to two.
Digital Cables - If you've got digital, we've got cable.
Tools - Tools for crimping, stripping and more.
Patchbay Cables - Easily connect different devices with these handy cables.
CAT 5/CAT 6 Cables - Ultra-reliable cable from the top manufacturers.
FireWire Cables - Built to handle that blazing speed.
Snakes - The easiest way to route multiple signals to a common location.
MIDI Cables - If you use MIDI, you're gonna need these.
USB Cables - You can never have enough of these.

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AudioScience CBL1044
Cable Assembly for ASI5xxx/6xxx(Analog)

50pin to XLR, balanced analog cable for AudioScience ASI5042 and ASI5044.

In Stock

Audio Science CBL1006
Cable Assembly For  BOB1024

Mini DB50 to Mini DB50, balanced analog cable assembly for connecting AudioScience BOB units.

In Stock

AudioScience CBL1144
Cable Assembly for ASI5xxx/6xxx (Digital)

50pin Centronics to XLR, AES/EBU cable for AudioScience ASI5041 and ASI5044, among others.

In Stock