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With a selection that's second to none, BSW is your one-stop cable and connector shop. 

Studio Cables - A wide range of cables for every studio application.
Microphone Cables - The mics get all the glory, but they'd just be hunks of metal without their devoted cables.
Speaker Cables - If your speakers need cable, you'll find it here.
Multi-Channel Cables - Efficiently handle your multi-channel devices with these high quality cables.
Adaptors - You'll always stay connected if you have the right adaptor.
Accessories - Cable management devices and more.
Connectors - A wealth of connectors including money-saving 10-packs.
Y Cables - Easily connect one I/O to two.
Digital Cables - If you've got digital, we've got cable.
Tools - Tools for crimping, stripping and more.
Patchbay Cables - Easily connect different devices with these handy cables.
CAT 5/CAT 6 Cables - Ultra-reliable cable from the top manufacturers.
FireWire Cables - Built to handle that blazing speed.
Snakes - The easiest way to route multiple signals to a common location.
MIDI Cables - If you use MIDI, you're gonna need these.
USB Cables - You can never have enough of these.

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Audioarts CF-X12
Color Fader Knobs

Color fader knobs for the Audioarts X-12 digital console. (They do not fit other console models. If you need knobs for a different console, contact us.)   Price is per knob. At least [...]

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Table Top Headphone Amp w/ 2 GPIO Buttons 014001

The Audioarts TS-1 is a tough, compact countertop unit that utilizes a USB-powered high-gain headphone amplifier that multiplies voltage and current to provide GREAT, LOUD sound to headphones of any [...]

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Audioarts VU-75
Spare Meter /Clock/ Timer

Spare meter/clock/timer card for Audioarts D-75N broadcast consoles.

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