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Better Bands BB4 4-Pack

4 Pack - Suspension bands for EV 309A shockmount


Better Bands BB4 4-PackIn Stock
Better Bands BB4 4-PackBetter Bands BB4 4-Pack
Better Bands BB4 4-Pack Figure 1Better Bands have improved upon the decades-old design of the rubber shock mounts on the ElectroVoice 309A mount for the RE20. Stronger, better designed bands means less replacement and savings for you (and your station).

Main Features:
• Better Design: Better Bands are created with more than twice the amount of material as OEM bands, with 100% less of the typical stress points. Wider and stronger means more resilient than the competition.
• Better Material: Unlike OEM bands, Better Bands are made with specially formulated silicone that is heat resistant, strong, yet stretchy enough to connect to your mount.
• Better Connections: The three “connection points” of the band are stronger than OEM bands. The “knuckle” is wider than the OEM band, ensuring a snug fit to the mount without sliding.
• Better Longevity: Better material. Better design. Better connection points. It makes for a product that lasts longer (unless your talent is a knife-wielding insane person).

Better Bands BB4 4-Pack Figure 2

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