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Better Bands BN1

Mounting Stud and Thumb Screw for EV 309A microphone mount


Better Bands BN1In Stock
Better Bands BN1Better Bands BN1
Better Bands BN1 Figure 1Better Nuts allows you to take the OEM RE20 mount and – get this – securely connects it to your boom! Created stronger and larger so you can stop your microphone from slamming against your board during a break.

Main Features:
• Made With Steel: Better Nuts are manufactured with steel – not brass like OEM nuts – that ensure your threads stay strong.
• Whip Out Your Wrench…: A powder-coated hex design allows for you to get a tight grip and get that sucker tight on your boom. …And An Allen Wrench: Connect your mount to the Better Nut with a longer, stronger Allen bolt (unlike OEM screws) that allows you to ensure a tight grip.
• Use Your Boom’s Pivot Head: Did you know your boom’s connection point can spin? Probably didn’t because OEM nuts didn’t let them. Ours will allow it.
• More Threads, More Better: OEM nuts and screws are short and barely make a connection. Better Nuts have many more threads, and a lot more contact points, which means less microphones falling on the board.

Better Bands BN1 Figure 2

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