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Electrovoice 309A

Shockmount for the RE20, RE320 and RE27ND Microphones


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EV 309A309AEV 309A
The Electro-Voice 309A suspension shock mount was designed specifically for use with the RE20 and RE27N/D dynamic microphones. It provides near-perfect shock isolation for the already internally shock mounted RE20, RE320 or RE27N/D. For most applications, the Model 309A may be attached directly to the recording boom or to a floor stand. A stand adapter with 5/8" -27 thread is provided.

The 309A mount design allows quick installation of the RE20 or RE27N/D microphone without tools. A double safety factor is provided to ensure that the microphone will remain attached to the shock mount under any conditions. First a “bayonet” locking action assures that the microphone will not fall out of the shock mount under its own weight. Additionally, a set screw (wing type) can be tightened to lock the microphone in place after it has been properly positioned.

Four molded neoprene shock cords (78297-PKG) suspend and support the microphone within an aluminum and steel frame-work to effectively isolate it from mechanical shock and vibration.

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