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Rycote 044901

InVision USM - Universal Large Diaphragm Microphone Isolation Mount

BSW PART: 044901

The Rycote InVision Universal Microphone Shock Mount provides a discreet, low-profile way to mount practically any microphone with a diameter of 18-55mm. The mount uses Rycote's patented Lyre suspension system, which does not use any runner or elastic components to isolate the mic. Instead, the unique shape gives the mount specific compliance to the mic to prevent handling noise from reaching the capsule.

With no elastic or rubber parts, the suspension of the InVision Studio Mounts does not need rethreading, and because the Lyres are made of the composite material Hytrel, they are virtually unbreakable. In Rycote's vibration testing, the InVision Universal Studio Mount provided up to 12dB more isolation than elasticated mounts.

This mount is designed for studio and installed use, and does not have the ability to be used in conjunction with a windshield.

Rycote InVision Universal Studio Mount Specifications
• Part Number: 044901
• Suspension weight: 154g (34.0 oz)
• Overall diameter: 120mm (4.72")
• Length: 170mm (6.69")
• Depth: 70mm (2.75")
• Suspension rotation: 175°
• Thread Brass: 3/8" and 5/8"
• Mic Diameter: 18-55mm (0.7-2.2")
• Max weight: 750 g

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