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Burk Technology LVS

Line Voltage Sensor



The LVS monitors a single phase AC power circuit and provides a low-voltage DC output sample that tracks linearly with the AC input voltage.

Main Features:
•Linear, low-voltage DC output
•Open-collector status output indicates AC voltage input. Connect to Remote Control System to indicate when power is normal.
•AC Indicator LED indicates presence of live voltage and warns of potential shock hazards present inside the LVS.
•Internal transient protection protects the LVS from electrical disturbances 
•Dimensions: 5.25" (13.34 cm) H x 3" (7.62 cm) W x 2.15" (5.46 cm) D
•Operating Range: 55-480 VAC
•Output Signal: 0-4.75 VDC, representing 0-576 VAC. DC Output representative of 1/100 AC RMS line voltage.
•Status Output: Logic low open-collector output. Closure to ground when line voltage on input terminals is greater than 55 VAC.
•AC Indicator LED: 12VAC minimum required for LED to illuminate. 

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