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Burk Technology SL-1 Extender

Serial LAN Extender


This serial LAN extender lets you deploy IP-enabled technologies where traditional Ethernet connectivity is impractical or unavailable. Unlike a serial-to-Ethernet converter, which allows RS-232 devices to operate on an existing Ethernet link, the SL-1 enables new IP connectivity to the remote site.

You can gain studio access to IP remote control, web-based configuration for remote equipment, and access to email and other studio resources while at the transmitter site - all without additional monthly charges. It also provides a new option for sending RDS data to the remote site.

Operating in pairs over a full-time bidirectional serial link, the SL-1 accommodates a wide variety of RS-232 links, including radio, leased line and dial-up, with appropriate modems. To optimize bandwidth efficiency, it learns the location of each network device and transports only those packets destined for the opposite side of the bridge. Since it bridges both networks onto the same subnet, integration with the existing IT infrastructure is easy.

The Sl-1 provides an opportunity to take advantage of the ARC Plus broadcast facility remote control system at sites without an Ethernet drop. With the ARC Plus operating on a serial link with the SL-1, studio personnel have access to the built-in web server of the ARC Plus and can take readings, manage alarms and issue commands. The efficient design of the ARC Plus communication protocol ensures effective performance, even at modem speeds.

Main Features:
•Bring LAN connectivity to sites where Internet access is not available or practical
•Uses existing serial links with speeds from 9600bps to 115.2kbps
•Requires no configuration and no IP address
•Learns which IP addresses are on the remote end to minimize traffic over the serial link

• Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 1"H
• Power: 6VDC wall adapter (provided)
• Serial Connectivity: User configurable from 9.6kbps to 115.2kbps
• Ethernet Connectivity: 10BaseT

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