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Sine Systems AFS3

Audio Failsafe


The Sine Systems AFS-3 audio failsafe is typically used to trigger an alarm on a remote control system or terminate transmission if program audio fails. It monitors one or two audio signals and provides a relay contact closure as long as audio is present on at least one of the two audio inputs. When no audio is present on either input for a preset length of time, the relay contacts open and an alarm LED lights. The length of the delay is adjustable from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. New features of AFS-3 include: internal Sonalert audible alert - continuous or pulsing; positive delay adjustment via rotary switch; delay adjust accessible on rear panel; logic-level alert voltage built in; audio detect mode; trigger alert or terminate transmission on loss of audio. AFS-3 can be used with the RFC1B or RFC1RAK remote control.

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