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Sine Systems CTI2

* Computer Temperature Interface


The Sine Systems CTI-2 Computer-Temperature Interface is a device that enables a computer to measure air temperature via RS-232 serial data. It consists of a compact control module with 8 screw-terminal connections.

The CTI-2 can measure a temperature range of -50°F to +199°F with a resolution of 1°. The temperature sensor may be located up to 200 feet (or more, depending on conditions) from the control module. The sensor is factory-calibrated to ±3° and can be precisely trimmed by the user after installation is complete. Baud rate is adjustable from 300 to 9600 baud.

A common application of the CTI-2 is to allow a radio station's hard-disk automation system to “speak” the outside temperature. The required software to do this must usually be supplied by the manufacturer of the automation system.

The CTI-2 control module may be located in any convenient indoor location. It is usually most practical to place it somewhere near the computer. It is small enough that it needs no special mounting considerations.

The air temperature sensor for the CTI-2 consists of a small PC board with three screw terminals. This sensor is capable of giving very accurate temperature readings. To achieve outdoor air temperature readings that correlate to those reported by the nearest NOAA weather station, the sensor must be mounted in a standard enclosure.

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