Burk Technology ARC Plus Touch
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Burk Technology ARC Plus Touch

IP-based transmitter remote control with full color LED Touch Screen


Burk Technology ARC Plus Touch
The ARC Plus Touch brings power, flexibility and efficiency to IP-based broadcast remote control. Taking advantage of the scalability of IP and offering innovative options for I/O hardware connectivity, the ARC Plus Touch connects an unlimited number of sites, each with up to 256 channels of metering, status and command.

The ARC Plus Touch supports a wide range of operator access options. The convenient touch screen makes monitoring and control simple. The built-in web interface allows access from any PC without installing software. Mobile access is possible using the mobile web interface or optional telephone interface. PC-based management using AutoPilot 2010 supports IP links and legacy dialup connections.

Bandwidth-friendly, the ARC Plus Touch is optimized for real-world broadcast links, eliminating the need for costly legacy solutions. With its efficient, flexible alarm notification, you can alert appropriate personnel with selective alarms. Targeted alerts via email, SMS, or telephone ensure the proper response.

The Jet Active Flowcharts option makes intelligent automatic site control easier than ever. Create automatic functions quickly by drawing simple flowcharts—no code required. Automatic functionality is built into the ARC Plus Touch, eliminating the need for a full-time PC connection.

Main Features:

• IP-based broadcast remote control for exceptional scalability
• Easy operator access via front panel, web, PC software, smartphone or telephone
• Email alerts and selective alarm reporting allow efficient fault resolution
• Ready for expansion—scales to 256 metering and status channels, 256 relay pairs and 512 virtual channels


• Touch Screen: Bright, full-color LCD touch screen provides easy access to all functions. Status and metering are clearly displayed and outputs and macros are easily operated from the front panel.
• Alarm Indicator: A bright two-color LED provides a quick indication of alarm conditions which can then be accessed quickly on the touch screen.
• Dimensions: 3.5” (8.89cm) H 19” (48.26cm) W 12” (30.48cm) D
• Operating Temperature/Humidity: 0° to 40° C; 5 to 85% RH
• Power Requirements: 100 to 240VAC, 47-63Hz, 1A; Power entry module with standard, grounded power cord supplied; 1A fuse protection
• Memory: Non-volatile flash memory stores userconfiguration data for 20 years without power; Battery-backed real-time clock retains date/time information for 25 years.
• Communication Ports: RJ45 jack for 10BaseT Ethernet; DB9 RS232 port for optional dialup modem or serial connection

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