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Burk Technology Climate Guard

Climate Monitor System


The Burk Climate Guard server room environmental monitor features built-in temperature, light and sound sensors (and boasts a modular design for adding additional sensors) to monitor conditions that can lead to serious IT disasters. Email, SMS and SNMP notifications ensure that responsible personnel can respond quickly and effectively.

Climate Guard also offers onboard charting that lets you to watch for gradual changes in environmental conditions over time (such as a slight rise in temperature or a change in sound level), to help keep a problem from becoming a crisis.

Climate Guard's modular design lets you add capacity and additional monitoring as you need them. Easily add new sensors as you add equipment, and take advantage of new functionality when you need it.

Climate Guard is easy to set up. Sensors are plug-and-play, so you can get up and running in no time. And everything you need is built into the onboard web interface; no software is required.

Burk Climate Guard Features:
• Built-in temperature, light and sound sensors
• Easily expandable with optional external sensors
• Integrates with IP security cameras
• Alert personnel via email, SMS and SNMP traps
• Spot trends and prevent problems from developing with onboard charting
• Onboard web interface for setup, monitoring and access to historical data and charts
• Works with any modern web browser

Burk Climate Guard Optional Sensors, Modules and Accessories:
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Flood/Leak Detector
Smoke Detector
Motion Sensor
Door Contact
Tilt Sensor
Sensor Expansion Module
Switch Input Expansion Module
Digital Sensor Cable
Powered Switch Input Cable
Switch Input Cable
RJ25 Coupler

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